of. 435, Generalskaya St.3,
Yekaterinburg city, RUSSIA


The plant in the city of Ufa was founded in 1995 and specializes in production of unique equipment for extraction, treatment, processing and transportation of oil and gas.

The range of products is widely known among the oil and gas and petrochemical companies in Russia and CIS countries. Throughout its history, the company has developed a reputation as a reliable partner and supplier of the most modern and efficient equipment. The quality of products and services is certified by the system of ГОСТР, ISO 9001-2011.

The structure of the plant (production departments №1 and №2)

  • Blank section (plasma arc cutting, sheet benders, shears);
  • The site of machining process;
  • Equipping area.
  • Installation works production site (assembly hall);
  • Paint shop;
  • The site of non-standard equipment and tooling
  • Central laboratory:
    • Strength testing of materials and the chemical composition;
    • Non-destructive testing laboratory
    • Hydro-testing stand;
    • Pneumatic testing stand;


The plant has its own railway tracks, with access to the Kuibyshev Railway equipped with loading and unloading areas, as well as gantry cranes with lifting capacity of 30 tons

Components are tested in the entrance control stage to be accepted. At the stage of manufacturing, bulk capacity vessels and piping systems undergo all modern methods of control. Hydro-testing is a must for equipment operating under pressure. Quality control of welded joints is carried out using X-ray machines, ultrasonic devices and dye penetrant inspection. All kinds of products are licensed.

Завод Уралнефтехиммаш


Electrical Products Manufacturing

The factory was founded in 2008. Today, the plant is considered one of the leading enterprises in the Ural region in production of high-voltage equipment for electric power systems, oil and gas industries, industrial and civil construction. The main specialization is development and manufacture of the TM series transformers (T) and TM (W) and package transformer substations of kiosk and block types.

Production facilities are 2 870 square meters, and warehouses are 580 square meters. The number of employees is 227 people. The products are delivered both in Russia and in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan.

The quality of products is confirmed by the product certificates, as well as compliance with the quality management system ISO 9001-2011.

Производство энергетического оборудования
Производство энергетического оборудования
Производство энергетического оборудования
Производство энергетического оборудования